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The Benefits of Working with a Therapist

So what are the benefits of working with a therapist? When we break a bone or have a physical injury we don’t hesitate to seek medical help. We innately know a doctor can help us heal and feel better.

However when it comes to our mental health, we find ourselves wavering or questioning whether it’s worth getting the help we need, so we visit a therapist for the unbiased help we so desperately need. We may find ourselves feeling deterred from seeking help due to the misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health and therapy. Many fear seeking therapy will make them look “crazy”, or therapy is only for people with big trauma or diagnosed mental illness.

However, working with an online therapist can help equip us with tools and skills to proactively navigate current and future challenges. We know if we put off treating a broken bone, the injury worsens; same goes for our mental health.

There are endless reasons why therapy can help!


Here are a few reasons you may want to consider therapy either for yourself or a family member:

Navigating transitions

Even though we have navigated transitions our entire life, change (both positive and negative) can be stressful and scary. Working with a mental health therapist in Halifax or Bedford NS gives you space and time to work through your fears, explore your options and navigate solutions.

Therapy can also help you prepare for change, and build helpful strategies and skills to navigate the stress and fear that can come with change.

Improving relationships with a therapist

Relationships play a large role in our life, but at the same time can be complicated and a source of stress. Working with a therapist can help us better understand our wants and needs within relationships, and problem solve solutions such as establishing boundaries, managing conflict and much more.

Therapy can also help explore how past relationships may be impacting current relationships.

Learning to manage emotions

Our emotions come in all shapes and sizes, and when not addressed our emotions can come back to haunt us later. Working with a therapist can help us learn to better identify, process and cope with emotions so they don’t linger and fester. In addition we learn to improve our emotional literacy and develop skills for better emotional regulation and overall functioning.

Overall working with a therapist provides you with a safe and non-judgmental space to engage in self-exploration and encourages open and honest dialogue to work through difficulties. Therapy’s goal is to inspire self-awareness to create positive change and improve your quality of life.

SMB Counselling Group in Nova Scotia offers in-person counselling from our Bedford office or online from anywhere in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

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