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Pros and Cons of Virtual and In Person Mental Health Counselling

Both types of counselling is available in Nova Scotia, virtual and in person mental health counselling support services! Virtual counselling (online counselling) is on the rise after the COVID-19 pandemic and shows no sign of slowing down in recent studies in Canada.

That being said, in person mental health counselling is still a popular method of therapy for individuals and couples seeking support in Halifax and Bedford NS. Below we discuss the pros and cons of both in person and virtual counselling services.

Online and in person therapy both have their advantages, so talk with your counsellor before beginning any mental healthcare sessions. Whether you choose virtual or in person therapy sessions, you will find the type of support that you need at SMB Counselling Services in Bedford and Halifax NS.

Our online therapists in Halifax and Bedford offer the patient the ability to connect with a therapist from the comfort of their own home, not having to worry about traffic or transit issues, whereas in person therapy sessions allow a patient to bring any individual mental health issues to a supportive and private counselling office.

Both types of counselling therapy services in Nova Scotia have their pros and cons. So think about commuting to the therapists office. If this is causing any anxiety may try scheduled an online appointment that suits your schedule. Once you choose the more convenient type of mental health therapy, you can get started by booking an individual counselling or couples counselling session today.

Pros and Cons of In Person Mental Health Counselling

One of the pros of in person counselling is that in person counselling sessions allow the therapist to read into non verbal cues that could not otherwise be determined with online counselling. Verbal cues can help a counsellor understand the patient’s needs much better. A phone session could never have this advantage of using non verbal communication for the therapist.

Another bonus of in person therapy is that the mental health therapist’s office can provide a different space away from your normal everyday life. A neutral location will increase a patient’s comfort level especially when sharing personal information.

Other benefits of in person mental health counselling would be the addiction of music, art, music, and lighting. The ambiance of a therapist’s office cannot be overstated.

One con of in person counselling services would be that getting to and from the therapy session may prove difficult for some. Transit issues, taxi costs, and heavy traffic can affect and may add to a person’s anxiety, which may further harm a persons mental state prior to the therapy session.

Pros and Cons of Online Counselling

One pro of virtual online therapy is that it may be more convenient for the counsellor as well as the patient. You can basically connect with a counsellor online from just about anywhere, whether you are at home, at work, or traveling.

Online counselling services in Halifax provide access to a mental health counsellor much more quickly and with a lot less hassle than fighting traffic and paying for expensive taxis to come across town. Connecting online with a therapist can also lower any social anxieties that may be present where a patient is reluctant to sharing any physical spaces with other patients.

Online counselling also is a private form of therapy that is totally anonymous and discreet.

A major con of virtual counselling is that if one or the other has a poor internet connection, the counselling session may be interrupted. Try to discuss this possibility of a work around if the internet connection goes down like calling on the phone or rescheduling the session to a later time.

A Great Option for Remote Areas

Virtual therapy is a great option for those in remote areas as it offers instant access to mental health treatment for people living remote areas. People living in remote rural areas of Nova Scotia may not be able to come to Halifax or Bedford to in person counselling so this is a great option for them where there are no counselling services available in there area of residence.

Driving any great distances may not be affordable or convenient for most seeking individual counselling services from SMB Counselling in Bedford. The long distance commute can often take significant time out of their busy day whereas online therapy can be done from the comfort of their home or office.

In this case, all a person needs is a reliable internet connection – quick access to mental health counselling they badly need.

People With Physical Limitations

Online mental health counselling provides accessibility to individuals with physical limitations who may be house bound or disabled. Mobility oftentimes is a huge factor when searching for mental health care. Also, some mental health counselling services that offer in person counselling services may not be set up in their office to accommodate clients of all abilities.

People who are unable to leave their home for various reasons, such as physical or mental illness, may find online therapy a useful alternative to traditional in-person psychotherapy settings.

The internet these days makes mental health counselling more approachable for those with limited abilities. Some people may not feel comfortable about talking to friends and family about their mental health issues, but feel comfortable talking to a mental health counsellor on line. Online Counselling over an internet connection makes it easier for disabled people to get access to mental health issues.

Virtual therapy can help able boding people as well as those with limited physical abilities feel better about themselves after talking with a mental health counsellor.

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In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world, mental health has become a crucial aspect of overall well-being.

One powerful resource for addressing and managing mental health concerns is individual counselling. With the help of trained professionals, individual counseling offers a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and challenges.

Our in-person counsellors and online counsellors in Bedford NS are committed to your privacy and safety, so you can share your thoughts and feelings in a space you always know is free from judgment. This allows us to provide you with the strategies to address all your mental health concerns, so you can move forward into your best life.

SMB Counselling Group in Nova Scotia offers in-person counselling from our Bedford office or online from anywhere in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

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