Joleen MacInnis, Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate at SMB Counselling in Bedford

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Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate

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Navigating life’s complexities can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and stuck as we grapple with emotional wounds and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Trauma can make it hard to feel safe, building protective walls in the place of meaningful connections. If you are feeling alone in your experiences, navigating inner turmoil, grappling with grief, or relationship challenges, this space is here to offer solace.

Together, we will explore your inner and external worlds and get curious about protective mechanisms that may no longer serve you. You can freely explore your feelings and experiences in a safe and judgment-free space. My therapeutic approach is tailored to your unique needs, drawing from therapeutic methods like Internal Family Systems (IFS), Person-Centred Therapy (PCT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Narrative Therapy (NT), and Psychodynamic Therapy (PT).

Building a trusting relationship is fundamental to the success of the therapeutic process and is central to my approach. You are the expert of your life, and I will always encourage your voice and pace throughout the process. I understand the challenges of seeking help, especially when chronic stress makes the unfamiliar feel unsafe. I strive to foster a safe and nurturing space that honours openness, and vulnerability, and thrives on collaboration.

If you are curious to learn more before diving into the therapeutic process or if you are ready to schedule your first session, feel free to book either a 15-minute consultation or your initial appointment online. I look forward to meeting you!

“Every human has a true authentic self. Trauma is the disconnection from it and healing is the reconnection to it,” – Gabor Maté