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Who are the Mental Health Counselling Services Online in Nova Scotia?

That is a great question!

There are so many therapists and counsellors in the province that help with individual counselling, group counselling, and marriage counselling. Few do it all like SMB Counselling Services in Bedford!

SMB counselling services are professional therapists in Bedford offering online counselling, in person counseling, couples counselling, or on the phone family counseling services in Nova Scotia.

Anyone that finds it hard to travel to Bedford or is looking for a more private secure way to obtain mental health therapy online would find these online therapy sessions and excellent way to access the help they need.

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Safe and Secure Online Counselling

SMB Counseling Services in Nova Scotia acts as a safe and secondary pair of eyes and ears to help bring perspective to any issue that may be bothering you. 

They have a staff of experienced mental health therapists that are trained to help anyone that struggles with various issues daily, whether it be with your own mental health, another individual or group.

We have teen and child therapists on staff as well that you may want to explore if you children are having issues during the school year.

We are available daytime, evenings, and weekends for appointments. Whether you need relationship counselling, individual counselling or family counselling, we can help! We look forward to connecting!

Mental Health Counselling Therapists

Just that you are thinking about reaching out for help is an important first step in the mental health recovery process.

Engaging with a mental health counsellors from any remote location in Nova Scotia can lead to increased self-awareness and insight for the patient. Don’t worry about coming directly to our office, if that is not an option for you.

Through guided conversations and reflections with our online counsellors, individuals gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts, and behaviors. They can then uncover underlying patterns or triggers that may be contributing to their mental health challenges.

This newfound awareness for our clients empowers the individual to make positive changes and develop healthier coping mechanisms. The end game in developing a healthy state of mind is to navigate life’s difficulties more effectively.

This is where SMB Mental Health Counselling services come in. We have helped hundreds of patients in recent years overcome mental health challenges and triggers to be able to cope more effectively with modern world problems.

Meet Our Team

SMB Online Counselling offers personalized online, virtual counselling services for any mental health issues that may arise as an individual, as a couple, or in a group setting.

Unlike group therapy or self-help resources, SMB focuses solely on the unique needs and concerns of the individual, in a secure online environment.

If you are attending an online therapy session with a partner, as a couple, you will have the opportunity to explore your patterns and emotions in a safe, secure environment. We look forward to connecting with you!

SMB Mental Health Counselling Nova Scotia
SMB Mental Health Counselling Services Nova Scotia

Online Counselling Committed to Your Privacy

Our online mental health counselling services are geared towards the privacy and safety of our clients. You can share your thoughts and feelings in a space you always know is free from judgment. Whether you are looking for an online therapist in Halifax, Bedford or elsewhere in Nova Scotia, SMB Counselling can help!

This allows the SMB therapists to provide you with the strategies to address all your mental health concerns, so you can move forward into your best life.

To book your appointment with one of our professional online mental health counsellors, reach out to us online, email [email protected], or call us at (902) 266-3311.