Online Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling

Couples Therapy

Through the use of SMB online couples therapy and marriage counselling services, we will help you rediscover the strengths in your relationship! Many couples have said that their bond is stronger than ever after a few online counselling therapy sessions. You will begin to value each other in a new light after working with one…

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The Benefits of Working with a Therapist

SMB counselling therapist

So what are the benefits of working with a therapist? When we break a bone or have a physical injury we don’t hesitate to seek medical help. We innately know a doctor can help us heal and feel better. However when it comes to our mental health, we find ourselves wavering or questioning whether it’s…

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Individual Counselling for Better Mental Health

#1 Individual Counselling Services for Better Mental Health

Individual counselling has been proven great for mental health issues in the province of Nova Scotia. Everyone knows someone who has mental health issues, someone who experiences things in their life when things don’t goes as planned, causing an in crease in mental health stress. This stress becomes overwhelming and often it becomes difficult to…

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Pros and Cons of Virtual and In Person Mental Health Counselling

mental health counselling

Both types of counselling is available in Nova Scotia, virtual and in person mental health counselling support services! Virtual counselling (online counselling) is on the rise after the COVID-19 pandemic and shows no sign of slowing down in recent studies in Canada. That being said, in person mental health counselling is still a popular method…

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Online Counselling Services Nova Scotia

SMB Online Counselling Services Nova Scotia

SMB Online Counselling Services in Nova Scotia offers professional online counselling one-on-one, in-person counselling services for those suffering with any type of mental health issues. Our online counselling services are scheduled from the privacy of our office, a safe space, to help you process the thoughts and feelings surrounding any mental health issues that may arise.  SMB Counseling in…

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