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Anxiety and Stress Counselling Nova Scotia

Anxiety and stress counselling is on the rise in Nova Scotia and that is quite common since we have just gone through a pandemic for starters.

SMB Counselling Group wants to let you know that anxiety and stress, not to mention PTSD, are feelings that can cause most people to worry to the point where it affects their day to day lives. It’s basically a feeling that won’t go away.

It affects everything in our lives including our thoughts, relationships, emotions, and actions. Anxiety and stress can become a serious mental health issue for individuals in Nova Scotia. It can affect us at work, school and socially.

What SMB Counselling tells their patients

SMB Online Counselling wants to tell not just their patients, but everyone who experiences anxiety at anytime in their lives that this can be quite normal at times in their life, especially when life at school or work gets very stressful. It’s not only normal for people to feel anxious, but it’s quite common to reach out for the health of a mental health therapist when it become bad enough and we find out selves desperately seeking the help of a professional counsellor.

Some situations like public speaking, teaching school, a job interview, or playing in a band are quite stressful. These are activities that are outside the norm for most people. It takes practice to feel comfortable in front of others. But, for some people just going outside their door is stressful, never mind public speaking! They may have to seek out individual counselling services if the problem doesn’t get resolved.

What are the common signs of stress?

Some of the common signs of stress are listed below. You may be suffering from more that one of these symptom and if you are don’t hesitate to reach to a mental health therapist in Nova Scotia like SMB Online Counselling!

  • Often tense, worried, and on edge
  • Anxiety that interferes with school, work, socially, or family situations
  • Worried that something bad will happen
  • Avoiding daily activities just because they cause you stress
  • Feelings of unexpected attacks of heart pounding
  • Feeling like danger is just around the corner

What should I do, seek help?

Well some anxiety in stressful situations is normal, but if they become severe and inhibit your daily activities to the point where you can’t deal with them, seeing a professional therapist or doctor would be advised.

If you feel depressed, anxious or stressed out every day then you have a problem that can be dealt with and resolved by therapists like SMB Counselling Service in Nova Scotia. Your worries may never go away so why waste time when help is only a phone call away. You certainly don’t want the issue to get worse either for you, a friend or a family member.

If it’s for someone you know, kindly suggest a nearby counselling service to help in this situation. Most people are hesitant to reach out for help thinking the problem with resolve itself. But we go day to day and nothing every gets done about it, until it’s too late, and they the individual stops functioning in social and cannot even go outside to simply go to the grocery store or to get the daily news.

Anxiety and Stress Counselling – Find Anxiety Therapist Near Me

SMB Counselling will match you up with the best possible mental health counsellor fit! We can offer in person counselingonline counseling, or on the phone family counseling services to suit your needs and your schedule.

We are available daytime, evenings, and weekends for appointments at our office in Bedford NS or from the comfort of your home through out online counselling services anywhere in Nova Scotia. Whether you need relationship counselling, individual counselling or family counselling, we can help!

Meet the Counsellors at SMB Counselling

SMB Counselling Group looks forward to connecting! Reach Out Anytime to one of our professional therapists in Nova Scotia!

Jennifer Banks – Registered Counselling Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist


– Couples, Individuals, All Ages

– Anxiety

– Trauma

Jennifer Banks has been working with children & youth for almost 20 years in various schools as a School Teen Counsellor. As well, Jennifer has been working with adults for many years and strives to do her best to help clients achieve their goals. She promises to be there for her clients every step of their therapy journey through individual counselling, relationship counselling, or EMDR therapy.

Jennifer’s goal is to help people in Nova Scotia who are dealing with mental health struggles, anxiety or stress. She can help you deal with stressful situations and grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. She is here to help so reach out anytime if you feel you need someone to talk to, even to meet up for a coffee 🙂

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