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Are you feeling overwhelmed, drained, and disconnected from your own needs? Do you sense a void in your life, a longing for something more meaningful but struggle to pinpoint what it is? You’re not alone.

We can help you navigate what’s holding you back & guide you toward a path of self-discovery & authentic living.

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Are you struggling with...

We help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.

Offering therapy in Bedford and online sessions across Nova Scotia and Ontario.


Our Therapy Services

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Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

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Teen Therapy

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Child Therapy (6+)

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Family Counselling


Areas of Focus

Our team uses a variety of treatments including; EMDR Therapy, DBT, and IFS to help you understand yourself better, navigate challenges with ease, and live the life you truly desire.

Trauma & PTSD

We help you process current and past experiences that are keeping you from moving forward.


Learn effective coping strategies to minimize worry or panic to regain control and find peace.


Break the cycle of sadness and hopelessness. We help individuals rediscover joy and meaning in life.

Grief & Loss

Support to navigate through the grieving process, honouring your unique journey towards healing and acceptance.

Stress & Burnout

Identifying sources of stress and burnout, and providing tools to restore balance and vitality to your life.

ADHD Support

Understanding your unique needs and strengths, providing strategies to manage symptoms and thrive in daily life.

EMDR Therapy

Specialized therapy to help you process traumatic events and pain you may be carrying with you.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Learn about your different parts of self and how alignment and understanding between each part can create peace within you.

Relationships Challenges

A safe space to explore communication patterns, rebuild trust, and foster deeper connections.

Were you referred to us for a MVA or Traumatic injury?

We help you get the care you need without the stress of billing and waitlists.
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Why Work With
SMB Counselling Group


We understand your need for support and the courage it took to reach out. We respond quickly and will get you in for an appointment within our 2 week guarantee. Our team works hard to make therapy accessible removing financial barriers by offering direct billing and collaborating with insurance providers and government programs.


At our clinic, we prioritize your well-being. We go above and beyond for our clients, recognizing the demands of busy modern lives by offering appointment times outside of traditional office hours. We cater to your needs, not to a company schedule.


Our team has a diverse set of skills and abilities to ensure you receive therapy that is right for you. We are helpers first, committed to guiding you through your mental health journey with compassion and expertise.

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How Our Therapy Works

We Understand Your Story

We prioritize building trust by providing a safe space while we talk about your challenges and goals, laying the foundation for a strong therapeutic relationship.

We Identify Your Needs

You set the pace as we uncover the root of your struggles, allowing you to define what matters most and what may be holding you back.

We Help You Process And Heal

We develop a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs, and equip you with strategies to process, heal, and move past what’s keeping you from living your potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

SMB Counselling Group in Bedford has a two week guarantee, which means we will schedule your initial appointment within two weeks!
All mental health professionals that hold a provincial license to practice, can be referred as either a Counsellor or Therapist! Whether someone holds a Master’s degree in Social Work or Master’s degree in Counselling, all are Counsellors/Therapists.
Sessions are generally 50 minutes.
24 hours notice is required for cancellations. The full hourly rate will be charged for any missed appointments without the full 24 hours notice and will be paid prior to booking another therapy session.
Generally yes and yes. Each individual benefit plan differs based on what YOUR EMPLOYER chose for coverage. We are happy to direct bill for any insurer that allows for direct billing for our providers, however not every insurer have opened direct billing for mental health services. We recommend you check your individual benefit plan. Ask whether Social Workers and/or Registered Counselling Therapists are covered!

Have more questions? Check out more FAQs or contact us.


How To Get Started

SMB Counselling Group in Nova Scotia offers in-person counselling from our Bedford office or online from anywhere in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

You can book a free phone consultation or appointment online using the buttons below. You can also send us a message or call us and we’ll book you in.

*Please note that some of our therapists cannot be scheduled
online. Please contact us.


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If you have questions or prefer to book an appointment through our contact form, send us a message. We will respond within one business day.


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